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GRЫZLI Sunflower Seeds Bag Info


Job: food product information translation from Russian into English

Customer: ALMIR Food Products, Belarus


 translated grыzli packaging

Customer testimonial:

«Searching for a reliable company to translate a simple text (some food product info), we kept on stumbling upon numb-handed or even numb-headed 'translataz'. They are not even worth the correct spelling! So many miserable translations out there — take a look at a random packaging at a neighborhood supermarket. Ew! So much important work seems to be blindly done by an array of mindless on-line translation systems nowadays. Eventually, however, we were lucky to find real pros — the STSK guys went far beyond doing their job accurately and promptly and even provided advice on the best way to arrange the text on our bags. The result is just the way we've been searching for. Be sure to receive our call next time we need a translator!»

                                                                           Serge Litvinchuk, Sales Manager, ALMIR Food Products



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