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Van Oirschot Roestvrijstaal Website & Brochures


Job: website localization and brochure translation from English into Russian.

Customer: Van Oirschot Roestvrijstaal B.V., the Netherlands.


  1. Localized website (surf the website in English and in Russian). 
  2. Translated brochures:

      — Standard Backsaver.

      — Meat Trolley Backsaver.

      — Barrel Backsaver.

      — Mobile PalletLift.

Customer testimonial:

"STSK have provided professional, cooperative and very friendly services for our website translation into Russian. They have also helped us on how to style the text both in Russian and in English (the source language). We could experience quality being a very important factor in their translation services."

                                                                  Bram van Oirschot, Owner, Van Oirschot Roestvrijstaal B.V.


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